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Choose from our inventory of one-of-a-kind stationery. Seven card options to pair with seven beautiful envelopes. The best part, you can mix & match!

Notify us of your selection when filling out your Contact Form.



Traditionally, thank you cards are a small 4 x 6 size. When speaking with vendors, we found that companies do not offer 5 x 7 sized thank you cards, which are the typical card size you think of for a greeting card.


When someone has been extremely generous, we believe it is important to give a thank you card that matches in scale & generosity.

Therefore, Heartfelt offers custom 5 x 7, textured cards & thick envelopes to make an unforgettable impression on your recipients.

Colored Envelopes


All envelopes are quality materials & are thick enough for calligraphy.

Both the Desert Storm & Moonrock envelopes are made of recycled materials.

We highly encourage you to recycle any stationery or keep it forever!



Heartfelt prides itself on a large collection of stamps available to elevate your stationery. Since forever stamps cost the same amount, why not choose to include a beautiful stamp on your envelope?

Simply select from Heartfelt's inventory, or if you have another stamp in mind, inquire for Heartfelt to source it for you. As another way of providing ultimate convenience, we always charge the same cost as the US Postal Service.

You'll never have to go to the Post Office or wait in the long line again.

Add Ons


Want to elevate your stationery?


Complete an elegant look with a seal on the back of your envelope or surprise your guests with cute confetti inside the card.

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