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- FAQs -

 I want to work with Heartfelt Handwriting, how do I get started?

Getting Started

That’s wonderful! We can’t wait to send something beautiful to your loved ones. Submit an inquiry form to provide your details & we’ll confirm with you if we can accommodate your request.


Due to the handwritten nature, we're not able to accommodate all inquiries, & will respond on a first come first served basis. You’re also welcome to contact Heartfelt directly at or (760) 585-8993 if you have any questions. Feel free to schedule a call if helpful!

Do you work with clients outside of San Diego?


Of course! The nature of this business allows us to connect over the phone and email to discuss details, & then we’ll take care of the order to ensure that it’s beautiful! Once the cards are addressed & written, we’ll hand deliver the cards to the post office for you.

Can I just hire you to address envelopes only?

A La Carte Services

Yup! You can purchase handwriting services A La Carte, and choose which service meets your needs. You can choose from various handwriting styles including Print, Flourished, or Calligraphy & which ink color will compliment the envelopes. You can hire Heartfelt to stamp & deliver the envelopes or mail them back to you.

How does postage & stamp sourcing work?


If you order a package through Heartfelt, one perk is that you’ll receive free stamps! If you’re ordering A La Carte services, you’re welcome to either add a stamp book when you provide the envelopes, or you’re welcome to purchase one of the many stamp options from Heartfelt's inventory. Stamps are sold at the USPS rate.

Cards will be postmarked from San Diego. If you prefer that the cards are postmarked from your local area, we can mail the addressed envelopes back to you & you’d pay the cost of shipping.


*Heartfelt Handwriting is not responsible for cards that are lost in the mail or destroyed due to the mailing process with USPS.

Am I able to expedite my order?

Rush Orders

We understand that things come up & you want the cards completed ASAP. We're here to help & will accommodate whenever possible! Any order with expected delivery within 2 weeks of placing the order will have a 20% rushing fee included.

Do you help with wording of the card message?


Happy to! Let us know if you’d like support & we can provide you with sample messages based on the event that you’re writing cards for. You’ll provide us with your “Standard” message that you want written to your recipients, & you can also request up to 5 personalized messages.

Do you provide samples?


We invite you to look at samples in our Gallery & Instagram, as you’ll see a lot of options available. If you’d like one mailed to you, use the Contact Form & we’d be happy to send you snail mail!

Can I hire you for multiple events?

Multiple Events

Of course! We would be honored to!

I love your services but can’t afford them. Do you offer a discount?


To express our gratitude to Educators and Healthcare workers, we're offering a 5% discount as a thank you for being an essential worker! Mention it in the Contact Form to receive details.

What types of payments do you accept?


Our preferred payment method is Zelle. We also accept bank transfers, checks, Venmo, & credit cards at a 3% processing fee.

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