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of Joy

When the world is moving fast, snail mail reminds us that someone cares.


My dear grandma, Gloria, was infamously known for hand creating, shall I say, “unique” birthday cards from scratch for our family. She would create large cards using cardstock and add cutouts of pictures, stickers, and quotes. Her thoughtfulness and creativity was truly the best gift she could give us. I still have her cards saved to this day. They were deeply personal and definitely brought smiles and happiness to our lives.


There’s something special about the power of gratitude shown in a handwritten message. After special life moments and events, we often find ourselves writing thank you cards – and a lot of them! But it can be hard to find the words to say, the time to write, or to even stop by the Post Office. That’s why we believe handwritten cards are a meaningful message in a busy world. Just leave the logistics, handwriting, and delivery to us!

Heartfelt Hello!


owner & founder of Heartfelt Handwriting

Aside from being known for my curly hair, my friends and family know me as the person who always sends them cards. Promptly on their birthday, after they've had a baby or purchased a home, I aim to send cards for all occasions since greeting cards are my love language. 

I started Heartfelt Handwriting to combine my love of stationery and admiration of calligraphy. This is a dream come true to do this professionally and I'm grateful to provide a service to help others express their gratitude in a beautiful and timely way.

Residing in San Diego with my husband and young daughter, you’ll find me at the beach, with friends, traveling, cuddling with a dog (even though I’m allergic!), or of course, writing cards.

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