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Business of Joy

There’s something special about receiving a handwritten greeting card. Maybe it’s because most of our mail today comes from an automated list, or maybe because a greeting card signals something more than just paper. Someone thought of you and took the time to purchase a card (and stamp), wrote a message, and mailed it to you. At a time when the world is moving fast, snail mail reminds us that someone cares. I find that an important tradition we should continue. People are at the heart of this business, and through cards I hope to bring people closer to their loved ones.


Heartfelt Handwriting started out of a passion for sending friends and family greeting cards. In 2020, when reflecting on what brings me joy, it was so crystal clear that it’s sending greeting cards to others. So I decided to turn my passion into a service for others that helps thoughtful people spread love, joy and gratitude. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy, which adds an elegant and unique offering to Heartfelt’s services. In fall 2020, I took an online calligraphy course, and haven’t put the pen down since!


Through my handwriting and concierge services, I am genuinely excited to partner with busy people to make the card writing process a whole lot easier. I love the logistics behind creating and finding gorgeous stationery, writing in beautiful script, and managing the delivery to ensure that the recipient receives their card on time.

Continuing a Legacy


My dear grandma, Gloria, was infamously known for hand creating, shall I say, “unique” birthday cards from scratch for our family. She would create large cards using cardstock and add cutouts of pictures, stickers and quotes. Her thoughtfulness and creativity was truly the best gift she could give us. I still have her cards saved to this day. They were deeply personal, most of the time, and definitely brought smiles and happiness to our lives.

Why Thank You Cards

I love sending cards for all occasions, but there’s something special about the power of gratitude. After heartfelt moments and events, we often find ourselves writing thank you cards, and a lot of them. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say, and especially hard to find the time to handwrite messages. Plus, a line at the Post Office makes this gratitude endeavor a whole production. But that’s the beauty of thank you cards; it’s meant to show appreciation for someone’s generosity. That’s where Heartfelt comes in! Express your gratitude in the moment so it will leave the greatest impact on those you appreciate. Leave the logistics, handwriting and delivery to me!




Aside from being known for my curly hair, my friends and family know me as the person that always sends them cards. Promptly on their birthday, after they've had a baby or purchased a home, I aim to send cards for all occasions since cards are my love language. For those who have read Gary Chapman’s book, I truly believe cards serve as all five Love Languages. Heartfelt Handwriting is a service that combines words of affirmation, through a gift, which takes time to send, so that someone can physically hold it. 

Prior to starting Heartfelt Handwriting in 2020, I worked at the nonprofit called ScholarMatch, supporting first generation college students with obtaining their educational and career goals. Outside of work, I was involved in my community as a volunteer with CHEER San Francisco, Bay Area Crisis Nursery, American Heart Association and CHEER Philadelphia.

As a graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California, I am grateful for the growing experience and the deep friendships that I still have today.

Residing in San Diego with my fiance, you’ll find me at the beach, with friends, traveling or writing cards. Or likely cuddling with a dog, even though I’m allergic.

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